Our Process


While many other firms move rapidly towards the courts and legal resources, we take careful and measured approach that gets results swiftly and in more cost-effective manner. We lay special attention to case study, evaluation and assessment, establishing communication with them and then planning a recovery with a casebased. We are not tied down to a particular method of collection

  • Initial contact with the client
  • Readiness to outsource debt recovery
  • Inter action vis-à-vis concept and offerings
  • Concurrence to work together
  • Recognize the probable debt needing attention
  • Evaluation of debts
  • Agreement on commercial terms
  • Acceptance of cases
  • Delegation- Power of attorney
  • Scrutiny of debt documentation
  • Contingent assessment
  • Validate approach to reconcile & resolve
  • Persuasion, influence & negotiations
  • Plan of action & strategy
  • Performance review & reporting
  • Status report
  • Settlements Acceptance of receivables Processing NOC
  • Billing& Receipt of fees Closure
  • While evaluating the process we considered follow points:
  • Our process is a pre-legal professional collection service.
  • All claims and/or demand for dues and unique.
  • We will review and report proceedings and updates to you at each stage about progress of the claims.
  • During the process of collection debtor may pay or otherwise satisfy debt.
  • Clients would When we receive payment, the same would be forwarded to client immediately.
  • We adhere to the highest standards of ethics and will comply with all state and central government laws. Due to uniqueness of handling each claim, time frames are thoughtfully and purposely omitted.