Why Lakshya



Yes, we are a small firm but we have zeal and energy to get your money back into your bank account as quick as possible.

We have gained knowledge and experience that cannot be collected form textbook or from handling a deal or two. It has been forged by years of experience, by our Administrator.

We are skilled to secure payment from the appropriate payer. We have the ability to interface with third party payers directly. The minimizes the amount of the time and effort requires for your staff to become involved in claims resolution on those accounts assigned for collections.

All our services are offered on a no risk element for our clients. Our clients would never be asked for any other fee other than the agreed percentage of the amount we collect.

Momentum- Movement- Forward motion. It is what we have been doing since we started out, and it has been growing. Our client’s momentum feeds ours and we sustain theirs.